Unleashing the Bond: Connecting with Your Canine Companion

Discover five effective ways to bond with your dog, from training and adventures to play and cuddles. Learn how the Tuff Mutt Running Dog Leash can enhance these bonding moments, creating a stronger, deeper connection with your furry friend.

5 Benefits of Jogging with Your Dog

Experience the joys of jogging with your dog and strengthen your bond while getting fit together. Discover the benefits and find the perfect running companion with the Tuff Mutt Running Dog Leash.

Are Waist Leashes Good for Dogs?

Are Waist Leashes Good for Dogs? Waist leashes, also known as hands-free leashes, can be a beneficial tool for some dog owners in specific situations. Whether a waist leash is a good choice for you and your dog depends on your individual needs, preferences, and your dog’s behavior. Here are some considerations to help you […]

tuff mutt poop bag dispenser

3 Reasons to Avoid Cheap Plastic Poop Bag Holders

Well, well, well. So you’re using a cheap plastic poop bag holder. I mean, it’s a choice, but let’s talk about the pain points and limitations that come along with it. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Here are some of the common downfalls that go hand-in-hand with your “affordable” poop bag holder. 1. Durability […]

Tips for How To Effectively Train Your Dog

So…you’re ready to start training and teaching some tricks to your best friend. Maybe you just got a new puppy, or you are trying to disprove the “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” slogan. Young or old, the benefits of having a trained dog are nearly limitless and will make life for the […]

Tips for Exercising with your Dog

So…you’re ready to start a running routine with your best friend. Maybe you are headed for a hiking trip to the mountains. If you are looking for a great hands free leash, we have one that works great for all of your adventures.. If your dog is like ours, your pooch is always ready for […]

Tips for Hiking with your Dog

It’s that time of year again when the days are starting to get shorter and the crisp cool air brings a fresh sense of adventure. Getting outdoors with your dog is one of the best ways to enjoy nature and continue to build that special bond with your dog. There is something about being out […]

5 South Florida Adventures to Have With Your Dog

5 South Florida Adventures to Have With Your Dog South Florida is known for its beautiful beaches, people, and amazing weather. There are many dog-friendly adventures just waiting to be had at this prime destination. It’s time to plan your next family trip to SoFlo! Here are some options for you and your furry friend […]

Adopt A Pet: How To Choose The Right Dog For Your Adoption

You’re ready to take a leap and adopt your first pet – a warm, lovable dog that you can rescue from a cage and now call your own. Adopting a dog can be one of the most rewarding experiences in your life. Use this guide to help you navigate how to choose the right dog […]

How To Train Your New Puppy

How To Train Your New Puppy You did it! You have a new puppy that will help make your house a home. This is a significant milestone for any dog owner. What happens next? It’s time to train your new puppy and teach them everything they need to know — talk about responsibility. Use this […]

5 Ways To Be More Prepared When Camping With Your Dog

The time has come to enjoy the great outdoors with your dog – and we’re not talking about a walk around the block. You’ve considered taking your pal on a camping trip to either experience a new atmosphere or to avoid hiring another dog sitter. Here are some tips to have a stress-free camping trip […]

Tips For Managing An Overactive Pup

Daily Exercise Not only is it great for your dog’s health and longevity, but routine exercise also has a significant effect on a dog’s mood. An exercised pup is a tired puppy. Whether it is a walk, a run, or a fun adventure at a dog park, getting outdoors will heighten your dog’s senses and […]

5 New England Adventures To Have With Your Pup

  Noanet Peak – Dover, MA Spreading over 595 Acres, Noanet Woodlands is one of the most scenic parks in Massachusetts. Take a leisurely walk with your pup or challenge the trails with a strenuous run or cross country skiing. Dogs are allowed off leash on any trails as long as they remain insight. The […]

4 Tips To Remember Before Running With Your Dog

There is probably no shortage of running partners available as we continue on through 2017. If you can’t find anyone who wants to accept the mission to shed holiday pounds, your dog might be a good alternative to human. Remember these four things before you take your new paw-partner out for an afternoon jog. Not […]

3 Benefits to Running with a Hands Free Leash

A mile in to your run you start to notice that your shoulders are shrugging upwards and your upper back is tightening. Your stride seems a bit off – your dog is pulling you off balance and you are constantly having to adjust and readjust him by using the leash that is in your hand. […]

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