Here is some pup-ular information about the hands free leash that you may find useful: 

1. How do I actually wear this leash?
It’s very easy and simple to use. You will notice two parts – the adjustable belt and the bungee leash. Adjust the belt to comfortably fit your waist. We find it best to wear a little bit loose and let it ride on your hips. Next, attach the sliding belt clip to the D-ring of the bungee leash. That’s it! You are ready to hit the trails.

2. What’s the best way to get started with my dog?
Honestly, you know your dog best. If you have never used a leash like this, we recommend starting out slowly with a walk in the backyard or around the block, so that you and your dog can get used to the length and tension of the leash. As you both feel comfortable, then you can begin to walk, hike and run longer distances. The more you use it the more you will love it.

3. Are the knots really supposed to be part of the leash?
Yes! We get this question a lot. They are mainly there for an extra place to grab the leash in a quick moment, but they just kind of make it look cool too! You can undo them if you prefer, but your leash will be a bit longer and we really don’t recommend it.

4. What can I do to keep the belt from loosening?
Again, we recommend wearing the belt loosely, but if you are finding that your dog is pulling the belt loose, we have a solution that many customers overlook. You will notice a small black sliding ring on your belt. Once you have your belt to the appropriate size, push the slider ring tightly next to the black belt adjustor. You are going to want to push it over all layers of the belt and this will keep the belt from loosening.

5. What other Tuff Mutt products do people use with this leash?
Our leash is designed to be used along with our Poop Bag Holder. This holder was specifically made to work with our hands free leash. Many people like to also use our Adventure Harness with this leash, which makes a great matching set. If you wish to try any of these products, just search Amazon for Tuff Mutt and you will find our list of products.

Before you begin to use your bag, below are a few pup-ular tips that might be helpful to you:

1.) If you have a hard time getting the waste bags through the dispenser, try using the end of a pencil or pen to poke them through.

2.) How to attach to your leash: For regular or rope leashes, put one velcro strap in the loop of your leash handle, and attach the other to the leash. For retractable leashes, strap the bag to the lower part of the handle.

3.) We include a free roll of poop bags, but you can use any bags that you prefer. Most standard roll bags will work just fine.

Before you hit the trails, below are a few pup-ular tips as you begin to use your harness for the first time:

1. Simply put your dogs head through the neck adjustment straps.

2. Pull the belly/chest panel between your dogs legs and just below his armpits. 

3. Adjust the back straps and connect the strap buckles to the appropriate back panel clasps. You can make any final adjustments to these straps for a comfortable fit. You want about a finger width of wiggle room, so the harness is not too tight.

4. Adjust the neck straps to comfortably fit around your dogs chest/neck area. Be sure that it is not too tight, or putting pressure on your dog’s throat.

5. You will notice that there are two leash attachment points. If your dog likes to pull a lot, use the attachment point that is on the front of the chest.

6. Our harness can be hand washed or put on the gentle cycle. Lay flat and air dry.

Below are a few pup-ular tips as you begin to use your training bag:

1.) If you ordered the pouch that does not have the clip, and are having a hard time keeping the drawstring out of your way when training, simply zip it up in the front pocket or loop it through one of the D-rings.

2.) To clean the inner lining, pull it out and wipe it with a damp cloth and let air dry.

3.) If you find that the straps are dangling too much once adjusted, you can tuck them into the belt itself, or use a sharp pair of scissors to trim the belt to your size and cinge the ends.

Before you head out on your adventure, below are a few pup-ular tips as you begin to use your leash for the first time:

1.) To attach the swivel carabiner to your dog’s collar or leash, simple twist the green metal clip and push it in. Attach it to your dog’s collar or leash, and release.

2.) You can use both handles at one time very comfortably, or just use the main padded handle for normal walks.

3.) When you need a shorter lead, simply grab the second handle to keep your dog close to you. This works so well in high traffic areas and other encounters.

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