Tips For Managing An Overactive Pup


Daily Exercise

Not only is it great for your dog’s health and longevity, but routine exercise also has a significant effect on a dog’s mood. An exercised pup is a tired puppy. Whether it is a walk, a run, or a fun adventure at a dog park, getting outdoors will heighten your dog’s senses and eventually wear them out. When your dog suddenly stops in their track to take care of business, make sure you are equipped with our light weight Tuff Mutt Leash Bag Dispenser. It makes for easy clean up anywhere on the go!

Calm Discipline

The best medicine for a hyperactive dog is calm energy. When your dog seems to be losing their marbles, the first reaction as an owner is to yell in an attempt to assert authority. Most dogs will not interpret this method unless they are well trained. Remember dogs instinctively pick up on energy rather than command. Instead, remain calm and do not encourage their over-excited behavior with loud noises or sudden movements. Projecting peaceful energy will translate to them and they will learn calm behavior.


Take your dog for a relaxing session of acupuncture. Veterinary acupuncture can relieve nerves in the joints of dogs, so they feel more rested rather than rambunctious. A specialist can pinpoint areas that will release your dog’s “feel-good” emotions. Their breathing will become less vigorous, and their relaxation will reach a level of doziness.


Of course, all owners want to spoil their best buds, but to reduce hyperactivity stay away from treats. Dog’s bodies respond to food the way humans would. Be aware of what is in pet foods. Steer clear of foods high in preservatives, additives, and coloring as they increase unhealthy higher levels of energy.

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