3 Benefits to Running with a Hands Free Leash

A mile in to your run you start to notice that your shoulders are shrugging upwards and your upper back is tightening. Your stride seems a bit off – your dog is pulling you off balance and you are constantly having to adjust and readjust him by using the leash that is in your hand. It’s so frustrating that sometimes, you just turn back and head home.

Stop and think…is this something you have experienced? If so, you know it’s killing your stride and your natural running cadence.

Would you like to try a leash that is hands free, will bring back the natural motion in your arms, and allow you to run faster and longer with your dog?

Yes? Good.

Our Tuff Mutt Hands Free Running Leash is your solution, and here’s why:

Our leash uses a waist belt that connects to your leash. Instead of using your arm you will be using your waist to absorb uncomfortable tension, helping to alleviate stress to the neck and arm.

The Tuff Mutt Hands Free Leash allows you to run longer and increase your speed and distances. The strategically placed bungee helps to eliminate wasted energy that you spend correcting your dog.

Get your natural running stride back and allow your arms to swing naturally.

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