Chester’s Story

“Sometimes the best way to honor the life of the pet you lost is to save another…”

Our two Cocker Spaniels, Buster, and Wilbur lost their battle with cancer. Deciding when it was time to end their suffering was probably the most heartbreaking thing that we have had to experience in our adult lives. Repeating that twice in the span of seven months was devastating.

We said we would never get another dog…

It was just going to be too hard.

What we soon realized is that even though the pain of losing a dog was almost unbearable – we missed the love and joy that a fur family member brings to the home.

Sometimes letting go of the past is the only way you progress.

To refill our hearts and homes we decided to rescue Chester. A mutt, a Hound dog that nobody wanted…

Chester had it rough before we got him. A stranger found him wandering the streets when he was a pup. He was starving, cold and scared. For the first year of his life, he bounced around from foster home to foster home. A family finally adopted him…but…they gave him back, simply because they didn’t want him anymore.

Lucky for us, he found his way to our forever home.

We have never met a dog like Chester. His loyalty to us is unprecedented. He is the joy in our household. He is a real participating member of our family. He even has a nickname, Frank. Why Frank? To be honest, it just fits his personality 🙂  We all have nicknames in our family, so it is fitting that he has his own.

Chester is the inspiration and passion for Tuff Mutt.  He is 60lbs of muscle, high energy and loves anything outdoors and adventurous.

He was different than our Cockers, and we knew that we would need unique, high-quality products to use on our adventures.

So, we developed the Tuff Mutt Brand and products that would best represent his uniqueness.

Strong, Athletic, Energetic and Good Looking.

His paw of approval is on every one of our products.

We believe there is nothing better than the bond between dog and owner. A dog’s unwavering loyalty and unconditional love are inspiring. As humans, we should model our character after this.

Simply put, dogs rescue us just as much as we rescue them.

From our dog to yours,
Your Friends at Tuff Mutt

PS: In case you didn’t pick up on it, we named our company after Chester, our Tuff Mutt.

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