It’s only a window screen

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It’s only a window screen, right?! Look I’m a pretty big dog, 50lbs or so, but I am an inside dog. Sometimes I get a little crazy and wild, running around all hyper and stuff; and sometimes I just like to bother my mom and dad when they are trying to get stuff done. As you can tell from the photo, I don’t really like it when they put me outside by myself – who likes to be outside by themselves?

Ok, enough of the small talk, I know you are dying to know if I did that to mom and dad’s window screen. I’m an honest dog, so the answer is…YES. I did it. I’m tall enough to jump up on the window and look inside to see what they are doing. I promise, it just started with a little hole that my claw made and continued to get bigger and bigger and bigger. But now it’s great, because the next time I can just peek my whole head through and say hello.

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