Hi, I’m Chester

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Hi, I’m Chester.

My parents rescued me in the summer of 2015. I had not had a very good life before they took me in to their home. Someone found me roaming a parking lot when I was a pup. I was starving, cold and scared. For the next year, I bounced around from foster to foster, I was even adopted…only to be given back to another foster.

But now everything is good, because I have found my forever home and I actually have a pretty important job in my parents business, Tuff Mutt! You see, nothing gets approved until I give it the official paw stamp of approval.  So my bark is my bond when it comes to the products Tuff Mutt produces.

You see that picture to the left? That is probably the most serious picture ever taken of me. It’s cool, I guess, but check out the ones below to learn more about who I really am.


My Favorite Things

  • Play ball with my big green squeeky ball (I’m obsessed)
  • Go on walks and runs
  • Play with my two human sisters
  • Sleep and cuddle
  • Go on car rides
  • I love giving overly warm welcomes when someone visits our home


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