Dog Bath Bungee Leash

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Our High quality materials and innovative design are sure to make your next bathing experience with your dog a successful one. The 24″ lead helps to restrain and train you pup while you get him all nice and clean.

Easily control and guide your dog from the tub without getting yourself soaked with the easy to grab handle.

Eases tension and strain on your pup, and works to train and correct him to stay in the tub without the friction of a regular leash.

This leash is perfect for taking your dog out on the lake. Keep your dog in place on your boat, and use the handle and short lead for walking along docks, busy areas or restaurants.

Powerful suction sticks to tub and shower walls. **NOTE: Walls must be dry, clean and smooth for the suction cup to be most effective. The suction will not work well on textured or porous surfaces.

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Dog Bath Bungee Leash

We all know how enjoyable it can be to give a dog a bath, right? Hopefully you are sensing our sarcasm. At Tuff Mutt we believe in teaching your pup how to behave! That is why we developed this innovative bath bungee leash.

As good as Chester is, he does not like taking baths. We knew there had to be a better way to keep in in the tub, but still make it comfortable for both of us. The strong bungee feature that is built in to this leash trains your dog to stay in the tub. The flexibility allows just enough give and saves your dog from those harsh yanks if he tries to make a run for it.

The leash is 24″ in length and 1″ wide of strong durable nylon. During our research we found that this length was perfect for most standard sized bathtubs and is short enough to keep your dog in the tub, but long enough to give them a little bit of wiggle room.

A convenient easy to grab handle is perfectly placed near your dog’s collar or harness, so that should you need immediate control, you have it. It also works great for when you are done bathing. You can keep control of them as you get them dry and pretty.

BONUS! This leash is just not for bathing! Unclip the suction cup and use the leash as a short leash. This works perfect for crowded places like fairs, busy downtown streets, or while you are at the lake. It can also double as an extender for normal leashes too!

Here are a couple of pointers for using your bath leash for the first time:

  • Be sure to wash the suction cup and the surface you will be sticking it to with soap and water. Dry them both well. The surface must be completely smooth for best results and suction quality.
  • Place the suction cup on the tub in a position that best suits you and your dog. If you have a shower type of tub, we find that sticking the suction cup higher up on the wall works really well. It all depends on how much lead you want.
  • Unclip the leash from the suction cup, and use the handle to remove your dog from the tub, when finished bathing.
  • Remove the suction cup from the wall, and allow your leash to line dry until your next use.
For more help on how to give your dog a bath, check this out!
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